Teach2Teach International empowers people to escape poverty through quality education and youth opportunity projects.


More than 263 million children are out of school globally*, and in many African countries youth unemployment exceeds 50%.** Teach2Teach International (T2T) tackles both of these problems. We train unemployed youths to work as volunteer teachers, teaching underprivileged children in their own communities.

T2T’s flagship programme is the Community Volunteer Teacher Programme (CVTP). Piloting in northern Ghana, in areas in which youth unemployment is high and educational attainment and numeracy and literacy rates are low, we take promising young people who lack prospects for formal employment from struggling communities and train them as Community Volunteer Teachers (CVTs). We ensure that we recruit young women as CVTs, and we encourage parents to send their girls to school.  

CVTs will teach in local schools, transforming their own communities through education. The young people we train are given the skills and experience they need to build a future for themselves and escape unemployment, and underprivileged children are given the high quality education they need to give them a chance of escaping poverty and having a better life.





How Teach2Teach works


Why Community Volunteer Teachers?

Community Volunteer Teachers transform their own lives, the lives of their students, and the lives of their communities.


How we Work

At Teach2Teach International we train Community Volunteer Teachers (CVTs) in the best modern, child-centred teaching practices.


The T2T story so far


Where we work

Our work begins in Northern Ghana with our established local partners


Our story & team

Our founder Anita Lowenstein Dent saw an opportunity to tackle lack of educational opportunity and youth unemployment in Ghana and beyond.