Teach2Teach International transforms the lives of unemployed young people and their students and provides them with a pathway to success.


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No child should be left behind

T2T International trains talented, but unemployed, young people to be excellent volunteer teachers, working in the communities where they were born and live.

Based on over 20 years’ evidence of success, our Community Volunteer Teachers ensure that promising, but disadvantaged, primary school-aged students receive the quality education they deserve.

T2T International tackles the following global challenges in one programme:

  • Lack of qualified teachers

  • High youth unemployment

  • Low student attainment

  • Rural to urban migration

  • Early and forced marriage

T2T International works in some of the world’s most underperforming schools and most highly deprived communities. Our work is designed to support underperforming national education systems.

Our work begins in Northern Ghana, where unemployment stands at over 50% and literacy among primary school students is as low as 5%.


How Teach2Teach works


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Where we work

Our work begins in Northern Ghana with our established local partners


Our story & team

Our founder Anita Lowenstein Dent saw an opportunity to tackle lack of educational opportunity and youth unemployment in Ghana and beyond.