Why Community Volunteer Teachers?

‘Community Volunteer Teachers transform their own lives, the lives of their students, and the lives of their communities.’


The challenges we address:

  • In the areas of northern Ghana in which Teach2Teach International will begin its work, literacy among primary school age children is as low as 9%*. These children live in communities that often have limited educational provision and few qualified teachers. Girls are less likely to attend schools than boys.

  • Many of these communities also have a severe lack of opportunities for formal employment, and youth unemployment is as high as 48%.** Young people lack both formal educational qualifications and the chance to find a job and build a prosperous life. A disproportionate number of women struggle to find employment.

*data gathered from local NGOs

**World Bank/Bank of Ghana report (2016), Landscape of Jobs in Ghana

Our solution:

Teach 2 Teach International's Community Volunteer Programme (CVTP) works to solve both of these problems.

  • We provide quality professional teacher training to talented and motivated young people who want to develop professional skills and help their communities.

  • With the benefit of the skills they develop over the course of the CVTP, these young people will go on transform educational opportunities for the underprivileged children they teach.

  • We also train key individuals in schools and communities - from head teachers to Parent Teacher Association members - who support, monitor and work alongside our Community Volunteer Teachers (CVTs), to ensure that the benefits of their training are maximised for themselves and their communities.

  • We aim our recruitment drive at young women to ensure gender parity, and focus on promoting education to girls' parents, ensuring that the CVTP's benefits are felt by all.




The CVTP effects change in three areas:

  1. Students gain access to a better education, and have a better chance of thriving in a school environment. This will go on to directly improve their life opportunities.

  2. Volunteer teachers gain two years’ in-service work experience, putting them in a good position to become fully paid teachers or apply for other jobs.

  3. Communities gain individuals with the training to improve education, and the leadership skills to effect positive change across the community. By focusing on women and girls and ensuring gender parity, we empower whole communities.

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"Our economy for over a century has been depending largely on the production and export of raw materials. This cannot and will not create prosperity for the masses of Ghanaians... The countries that have made rapid progress around the world put education at the heart of their development."

Nana Akufo-Addo, President of Ghana, Sept, 2017