Who We Work With



Working in partnership and co-creation

T2T’s Community Volunteer Teacher Programme was developed in partnership with School for Life Ghana (SfL).

SfL have over 25 years’ experience and expertise in providing high quality complementary education services to out-of-school children in hard-to-reach communities in Northern Ghana, and of training teachers in Ghanaian Education Service (GES) schools, using the highly impactful complementary basic education methodology and quality education.

School for Life’s work has ensured that more than 350,000 out-of-school children have learned to read and write and more than 80% of these children have enrolled into the formal education system, which otherwise would not have been the case.

A further 40,000 children have benefited from improved pedagogy in mainstream schools due to their programmes.

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The Community Volunteer Teacher Programme is the ‘child’ of two of School for Life’s programmes, which have positively changed the lives of 200,000 students in 200 schools:

  • Education Quality Innovative Project (EQUIP): A teacher-training programme focused on learner-centred, mother tongue, and gender sensitive teaching. Implemented in 250 schools in 8 districts, and impacting over 40,000 students, the programme achieved a 16% uplift in numeracy and literacy, double the 8% target set by Comic Relief.

  • Complementary Basic Education (CBE): An accelerated learning programme teaching out-of-school children to read and write, and equipping them with the skills they need to re-enter the formal education system. In operation since 1995, the programme has benefitted 350,000 out-of-school children and their families, of which 85% re-entered formal education.

Our founder Anita saw the opportunity to merge these two exceptional programmes to create an innovative new project in the Community Volunteer Teacher Programme, promoting and providing excellence of education, exemplary teacher training, and youth opportunity.