Who We Work With



The Community Volunteer Teacher Programme targets primary school aged students and out of work young people and their communities. 

Community Volunteer Teachers (CVTs):

  • Young people acquire skills and experience allowing them to go onto to full teacher training, other further education, or find other meaningful employment.
  • Women, who would have struggled to find employment, have better life chances.
  • CVTs who successfully complete the one year programme will be awarded the Community Volunteer Teacher Certificate. 

Student outcomes:

  • Students achieve better educational outcomes, indicated by higher rates of numeracy and literacy.
  • Girls are more likely to stay in school.
  • Students have better chances of finding employment when they leave school.

Community and stakeholder outcomes

  • Communities place a higher value on education and community lead school boards hold educators to account.
  • Strong parent-teacher associations will be established in our partner schools, strengthen parental involvement in their children's education.
  • In Community Volunteer Teachers and better educated students, communities gain potential wealth generators.
  • All key stakeholders in the CVTP share responsibility for the programme's success.



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