Where we work

The CVTP will pilot in northern Ghana

The communities in northern Ghana in which we will pilot the Community Volunteer Teacher Programme (CVTP) suffer from extreme poverty, underperforming education, and high youth unemployment. Many schools also rely on untrained and unsupported teachers, using ineffective pedagogical methods.

Our founder Anita Lowenstein Dent has built a strong relationship with local NGO School for Life (SfL). SfL has twenty years' experience building and delivering quality educational programmes in the region. Together, we have built the Community Volunteer Teacher Programme.

The Community Volunteer Teacher Programme is the ‘child’ of two of School for Life’s programmes, which have positively changed the lives of 200,000 students in 200 schools:

  • Education Quality Innovative Project (EQUIP): A teacher-training programme focused on learner-centred, mother tongue, and gender sensitive teaching. Implemented in 250 schools in 8 districts, and impacting over 40,000 students, the programme achieved a 16% uplift in numeracy and literacy, double the 8% target set by Comic Relief.
  • Complementary Basic Education (CBE): An accelerated learning programme teaching out-of-school children to read and write, and equipping them with the skills they need to re-enter the formal education system. In operation since 1995, the programme has benefitted 350,000 out-of-school children and their families, of which 85% re-entered formal education.

Our founder Anita saw the opportunity to merge these two exceptional programmes to create an innovative new project in the Community Volunteer Teacher Programme, promoting and providing excellence of education, exemplary teacher training, and youth opportunity.

The Global Potential of the CVTP

Our focus on adapting to the specific needs of a community means that the programme can be put into action worldwide.

The CVTP taps into the store of highly motivated, quality individuals that exists in struggling communities all over the world. We give these communities the tools to change their own futures.

Our programme has the potential to flourish in highly unstable contexts such as refugee camps. CVTs can be beacons of hope and stability, creating communities amongst displaced populations.

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The crisis in education that we aim to tackle extends far beyond northern Ghana. Despite the 2016 UN declaration that education is a pillar of humanitarian provision for children, less than 2% of humanitarian aid worldwide goes towards education.* Teach2Teach International addresses this severe neglect.